Copy Paste text from PuTTY to other application Ubuntu

Problem : Copy Paste text from PuTTY to Another Application on Ubuntu not working

If you have used PuTTY SSH client in Windows environment, you must have used select all option from PuTTY window bar or CTRL+Insert to copy text from a PuTTY screen to the clipboard. However, when you switch to Ubuntu, copy paste text from PuTTY does not work anymore if you want to copy data to another application e.g. VIM, NANO or some other text editor. Below, we will see how we can Copy and Paste text from a PuTTY screen:


Select the text you want to copy on the screen and leave as it is. This will copy the text to PuTTY clipboard.

If you want to paste the text in the PuTTY screen itself, CTRL+Insert will still work for copying.


    Paste to Other Application

  • Go to the other application and press the middle button of the mouse. If your mouse only has two buttons, then press both left and right buttons simultaneously, it will paste the text on the other application. However, if you try to use CTRL + V , it will paste the content which is present in the default clipboard.

    Paste to PuTTY:

  • SHIFT+Insert will still work.

Alternative Option:

Enable Logging by following below steps:

  1. Open PuTTY
  2. Select Sessions under Category
  3. Select Logging
  4. Select ‘Printable output’ under Session Logging
  5. Enter a log file name or browse to specify a name and location.
  6. Select override preferences under same category.
  7. Now click on Session under Category, select ‘Default Settings’ and click save. It will save the settings.
  8. Now, after the session, go to the location specified for the log file, you can see log file created with all session data in selectable format.
  9. Enjoy !!!

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Updated: December 20, 2016 — 1:10 am

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