Enable Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) Protection on codeigniter

What is CSRF Cross-site request forgery or CSRF is a type of security vulnerability which can potentially allow an unauthorized user to perform malicious activity on a website/ web application as an authorized user. It usually tricks the authorized users to perform malicious activity on a website which could be changing a password or transferring […]

Magento – How to add a move to top button at the bottom in 5 minutes

If you want to add a quick move to top button (ūüĒĚ) on the bottom right of your Magento pages, follow below steps: Go to magento backend-> System -> Configuration -> Design -> HTML Head ->¬†Miscellaneous Scripts field. Add below css between <style></style> tag. Now to to¬†System -> Configuration -> Design -> Footer -> Miscellaneous […]

Display Google Recaptcha on Codeigniter website with 6 Lines of new code

Google Recaptcha is one of the most effective ways of fighting automated spam today. Below we will see how we can integrate google recaptcha ¬†on a codeigniter website in just three¬†steps : Go to¬†https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin¬†and sign up for¬†reCAPTCHA API keys for your website. The¬†keys automatically work on http://localhost or There are two¬†reCAPTCHA keys: Site Key […]

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