How to add a new SUDO user on Ubuntu16.04

add a new sudo user ubuntu

Objective : Add a new SUDO user on Ubuntu UNIX system SUDO users can run almost all the commands on a UNIX system which need elevated privileges. Doing all the server administration as root user is not advised at all due to security reasons. So, lets add a new SUDO user  : 1 . First […]

MongoDB Codeigniter integration using official PHP drivers

Since Codeigniter does not officially support MongoDB at this time, MongoDB Codeigniter integration is not very easy currently. So, in this tutorial I will explain how we can install MongoDB with Codeigniter using official PHP drivers provided by MongoDB. Let’s get started : Prerequisites : A VPS(Virtual Private Server) with a web server (e.g. Apache, […]

Copy Paste text from PuTTY to other application Ubuntu

Problem : Copy Paste text from PuTTY to Another Application on Ubuntu not working If you have used PuTTY SSH client in Windows environment, you must have used select all option from PuTTY window bar or CTRL+Insert to copy text from a PuTTY screen to the clipboard. However, when you switch to Ubuntu, copy paste text […]

Free iPhone 7 with T Mobile – Limited time trade in offer

Free iPhone 7 – Offer details at a glance from t-mobile Existing customers as well as new customers can avail the offer by purchasing new iPhone 7 on an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) for 24 months. Your existing iPhone must be completely paid off. This means if it was bought under an installment plan, all installments […]

iPhone 7 – What are new and improved features?

Apple announced on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 launch of their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The phone will be available for pre-order from September 9 and generally available from September 16th. Below we’ll quickly see what is new in iPhone 7 and what are the improved features as compared to old models. iPhone […]

CI3 – New layout using bootstrap RWD framework

Twitter bootstrap is the most popular responsive web design (RWD) framework today. This tutorial will be divided into 2 parts as below: Integrate codeigniter with twitter bootstrap responsive web design(RWD) framework. Create a new common layout and use in the view files. Both of these steps are independent of each other and can be implemented […]

Submit codeigniter form using jQuery AJAX

Codeigniter provides a form helper library which is excellent for handling forms and validations, but when it comes to handling forms using jQuery ajax, there is no native support. However, you can use $this->input->is_ajax_request() to detect if the submitted request is AJAX. As part of this tutorial, below are the main points we will be covering: […]

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